Happy Mother’s Day!

Mother’s day in Spain was last Sunday (strange, I know) but since I’m American and my mama is in California, happy mother’s day to my mommy and all the other moms out there! I’m lucky to have supportive parents. Luckily my sisters (pictured above) are still in California taking care of my parents. When I was in California my mom used to call once a day to chat and now that I’m overseas I try to call once a week.

look how cute my parents are!
me and my mommy

In October my parents decided to come visit me so they took a month long European vacation. I met them in Paris and after they came to stay with me in Madrid for a week. My mom still has no idea why i decided to move to Europe (apparently the best things in the world are in the good ole USA) but she loved Paris. We were there for 2 nights and our last night there we waited for it to get dark just to watch the Eiffel Tower light up. We had an amazing view from the Trocodero and even though it was freezing cold, it was nice to enjoy it with my parents.

me and my mommy at the Eiffel Tower
me and my mommy sitting at some random bus stop waiting to watch the tower light up
my hipster mom asked me to take a photo of her in front of a nice door in Paris

One Comment on “Happy Mother’s Day!”

  1. I saw your parents this weekend. Your mom was very happy she got to talk to for an hour on Sunday.

    Thanks for sharing all the loverly pictures!

    Miss you!


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