Sundays are for Salads

Now that summer is coming up really soon, it’s time to start getting swimsuit ready! Since it’s spring, there have been so many yummy fruits available and I love including fruits in my salad. Fruits and veggies are pretty inexpensive in Spain which is really nice. Spanish people tend to have large lunches and small dinners but I’m not quite used to that. I still love eating smaller lunches like soups and salads then having a large (regular?) dinner. My Sunday salad today just took me a few minutes and ingredients: arugula, mango, burrata cheese and pear tomatoes. The slight bitterness of the arugula goes really well with the sweet mango. Throw some salt, oil and vinegar on top and it’s the perfect lunch. Fresh mozzarella would be just as good if you can’t get burrata!

such simple ingredients for a yummy salad
look how colorful my salad is!

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