Spanish Summer

Hard to believe that summer is almost halfway over! I have been much busier than expected (and actually working, despite what it may seem like on my Instagram feed). Spaniards take their summers quite seriously and spend almost all of August traveling (and sometimes July too), so I’ve been taking advantage of that by filling up my schedule in July with as many classes as I can. It’s worked out quite well this year compared to last and I’ll get to enjoy a nice vacation in August myself (hello eastern Europe!).

One of the best things about teaching during the summer is that I get to spend about 2 hours a day with some of the kids at the swimming pool (for work!). It doesn’t pay as well, but it’s a nice break from all the other hours I spend teaching. I did the same last summer with the same family and even went with them to the beach in Cadiz for a few weeks. I’ve built up a nice little tan in the last three weeks (as you can see above and below).

Me, Blanca and Miguel just before we head to the pool!
Hot dogs or hot legs?

I also celebrated the first anniversary of my 30th birthday last week. There was almost no one in Madrid with me but I got to enjoy a nice afternoon with my friend Michelle and then a lovely dinner with my second family here in Spain. Michelle and I went to this Mexican place called Takos Al Pastor that I’ve been dying to try. Finding good Mexican food here is so hard but they actually had tacos like home and horchata! In the evening I spent a few hours with some of my favorite girls playing some board games then we met up with their parents for dinner. They took me out for a nice, traditional Spanish meal at a beautiful restaurant – perfect end to a nice day!

Thanks for the birthday lunch Michelle!
Little Victoria, Victoria, Blanca and me at dinner.

The next few weeks will be less busy so I can spend some time planning my own vacation. I’ll be going to Hamburg, Berlin, Budapest, Vienna and Prague. If you’ve been, send some recommendations! I’m hoping the weather will be nice (i.e. not rainy) so that I can escape the heat of Madrid for a little bit. So that’s all for now of my summer but more to come soon!

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