Sevilla, Spain

Sevilla, located in the community of Andalucía in the south of Spain, is one of the prettiest places I’ve visited in Spain. It’s quite a large city, but the center feels really small and has a mix of good food, nice people and pretty architecture. The Plaza de España in Sevilla, seen in the photo above, is one of my favorite places in Spain just because it’s so beautiful (fun fact #1: this was the location of Naboo in Star Wars Episode II).

view of Sevilla from Las Setas

I’ve been to Sevilla 4 times now but there are so many things to see that I still need to go back. Somehow I’ve never been to the Alcazar (fun fact #2: scenes for Dorne was filmed here for Game of Thrones). The cathedral is extremely beautiful though and I highly recommend it. I believe it’s one of the largest cathedrals in the world. If you walk up Las Setas/Metropol Parsol which is a giant wooden structure in the old quarter, you have great views of the city including the Cathedral.

the bell tower in Sevilla

The last time I was in Sevilla was during Semana Santa (Holy Week before Easter) which is a big deal there. The whole city is filled with people who are there to see the many processions that happen during the week. Different brotherhoods wear hooded costumes (it’s believed that the KKK drew inspiration from these costumes) and march with sculptures called pasos of Jesus and the Virgin Mary. The pasos are considered artistic masterpieces and these processions have great cultural and spiritual importance to many people. Even though I’m not Catholic, it was incredible to see the processions in person and the beauty of the many traditions they have here in Spain.

one of the processions during Semana Santa
one of the pasos during Semana Santa
beautiful details and flowers on one of the pasos


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