Yokohama, Japan

Next stop on our tour of Japan was Yokohama. There’s not much to do there to be honest, but I wanted to check out another place outside of Tokyo. Yokohama can easily be done as a day trip as well, but since we were heading to Mt. Fuji next and we could easily take the bus from Yokohama, we decided to spend one night there.

We stayed at the very lovely Intercontinental Yokohama Grand. Normally I would request an ocean view room, but the bay view rooms have a beautiful view of the ferris wheel and city which couldn’t be beat (check out the nighttime view from our room above). The hotel was also kind enough to provide us with three beds (and pjs!). I also highly recommend using their concierge service to assist in any bookings. I was having a bit of trouble booking our bus to Mt. Fuji because the website was only in Japanese. I reached out to the concierge team and they gave me all the options and assisted with the booking. Definitely five star service!

Our funny sail shaped hotel

First stop on the list for Yokohama was the Cup Noodle Museum. I’m a huge fan of (eating) cup noodles (or any instant noodles) and was very interested to learn the history of Momofuku Ando and how he invented instant noodles. The admission fee was not very expensive and you get to design your own cup noodle to take home (for an additional fee – totally worth it). There’s also a restaurant upstairs where you can sample different noodles from different parts of the world. This was also not very expensive so I recommend going on an empty stomach to try all the different ones! There is also a ramen museum in Yokohama but unfortunately it was a bit far so we did not get the chance to check it out.

definitely worth the money to go!
I grew up eating this…
almost 60 years of cup noodles!
so many flavors I had never seen before and this is just a tiny part of the room!
the mi goreng noodles from the Indonesia stand at the bazaar in the museum
the tom yum noodle soup from the Thailand stand at the bazaar in the museum
the green tea shaved snow topped with red bean from the bazaar at the cup noodles museum
we built our own cup noodles at the cup noodle factory (so much fun)!

In the evening we walked from the hotel to Chinatown. Yokohama’s Chinatown is the largest Chinatown in Japan. It was nice to walk around and try all the goodies, but I didn’t think it was so special. Most of the food stalls sold the same things and there were a lot of restaurants to choose from so we ended up in a random one that was pretty good. One of the best moments was walking back to the hotel from Chinatown. We got to enjoy the beautiful nighttime views of Yokohama Bay. The next morning we slept in for a bit before heading to the bus stop to go to Mt. Fuji!

lanterns hung all around chinatown
a limited edition bao for sakura season. The inside was filled with a sakura filling.
one of the temples in chinatown
Yokohama was extra beautiful at night. The ferris wheel changes color throughout the night!

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