Sunshine, Rain and Rainbows

Sorry I haven’t been posting anything but day to day life in Madrid is not that interesting. We have had some pretty strange weather here though (rain then really hot and now it’s finally cooling down again) so I was sick for about 2 weeks. I’m not sure I’m ready for the cold weather and rainy days yet though because I really hate rain, but when it rained a few weeks ago I was lucky enough to open the window at one of my classes at just the right moment and got to see a beautiful double rainbow! My class was on the 7th floor of a building so I had a great view of the city. I was so happy to see it because I had been having a pretty bad day (lost my house keys, but one of my students found it a few days later). It was a nice reminder that rainbows only happen if it rains.

double rainbows are extra lucky (i’m pretty sure)

A few weeks ago I went with Victorita and Blanca to go trick or treating in Humera, an American neighborhood west of the city center. They do trick or treating 2 Saturdays before Halloween for some reason so I keep forgetting that Halloween hasn’t actually happened yet. Victorita and I did a couples costume and we were definitely the cutest people there haha.

Me and my boyfriend as Wenda and Waldo/Wally!
Waldo and Cleopatra with some cute Halloween decor!

This last week has been really warm in Madrid and since I had Saturday off, I got the chance to go out to the mountains in the north of Madrid. I don’t get a lot of chances to do things like this anymore since I don’t have a car so I’m usually limited to places I can get to by public transport. Luckily a friend with a car suggested spending our Saturday outdoors. We had a leisurely hike on a route called Camino Schmid, located at Puerto de Navacerrada. We didn’t do the entire hike unfortunately since we had a late start, but we got all the way to the highest point at Collado Ventoso where we had lunch and laid down for a bit to enjoy the sun. The views from the mountain were incredible (see featured photo above) and hopefully I’ll get to go back again!

perfect weather to go outside
we had our picnic at a beautiful clearing similar to this one – surrounded by tall trees and sunshine
rare sighting: Helen in sportswear

With the holidays coming up the next few months should be more eventful and I’ll have more things to post about. The last week has been incredibly stressful as Joey, my dog, has been ill. My sister has been taking great care of her but it’s hard being so far from home and away from her. Hopefully I’ll have some good news next time.

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